New build RPG Fighter League with more polish!

Hello everyone,

Again I’m having a great time working on  RPG Fighter League with the help of RPG Maker MV and the great community of developpers around this amazing tool. So for today new build, I doing a lot of polish around mistakes in texts and others smalls bugs in the game. Here a list of new stuff in the demo:

  • New weapons and armors available at the NPC store.
  • Some tweak with the Ram Titan Monsters (4 totals for now)
  • Added some secrets around the demo. (New NPC)
  • New frienship gifts with Valery and Zack.
  • And more bug fixes and minor errors texts.

Build Demo RPG Fighter League – 6 January 2016

I’m always happy to have your feedback about the game to make it better.

I will try to post the demo online so people could try the demo online with the help of HTML5. I just need to find a good free web hosting for the data and try it. See you next time!


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