RPG Fighter League live!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been quite a time since I gave an update about the game. I’m really sorry to say that I haven’t go enough time to continue doing some a lot of quick updates and new stuffs for the game. But it’s far from over I will continue to my work to achieve something great with RPG Fighter League. You can already play the Early Access version of the game on Steam and have fun for at least 10 to 15 hours of funs in this universe full of fights and laugh 🙂 I really hope I will get the time I want to continue and finish this quest. I have so many ideas about cool stuff to do in the game. Like new leagues using elemental to progress, slot machines to gains magic rewards, a cards mini game and a fishing one. Finally I just want to say thanks to everyone that give me your support with the game and the help to promote RPG Fighter League. I just want to prove that a game made in RPG Maker can be really fun to play. I know some have already achieve this goal, but I want to continue and see where all this can lead. For a great RPG, with fun great characters in a world where a lot of things can happen in the Colosseum. So let’s back to work!



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