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RPG Fighter League now fully playable!

Hello everyone,

Big news for the game! It’s now possible to do a complete flow from the beginning of the game to the end with the credits and everything. Yippie!
I’m really happy with this achievement! I have been working on this title since 2015 so to been able to finish this and continue adding more content and polish everything is a great feeling.

  • I added a new Solid League where every physical attack will have a hard time.
  • The Architect League can now be done completly with his own treasures islands.
  • I added 2 full playbables characters for you to recruit (Andrea and Zoey)
  • I added 7 new achievements.
  • I added some news books to find for ultimate crafting experience with weapons and armors.
  • I added the Fan Manager System. The more you gets some Fans for your team, the more you will see them in the Colosseum and at the right moment they can cheer you up and give you some gift to help you team. 
  • A lot of debugs and tweaks around the game to make the experience better.

But I hope that you will love the game and playing in something that become bigger and bigger each time a new version come up.
I can’t wait to have your feedback on the whole experience.
I hope you will find it fun and challenging for you.
This is not a drill! You can see the end of the adventures of Henry and his teammates.

The Game RPG Fighter League have now in content:

  • 14 Leagues for you to fight and conquer. (all uniques with differents level of skills and difficulty)
  • 15 characters for you to recruit to create the best fighter team.
  • 150 weapons and 150 pieces of armors for you to find and equip.
  • 150+ differents enemies for you to fight in more then 200 combinaisons.
  • 250+ Skills to learns and play with to defeat your enemy.
  • And a lot of secrets to uncovers!!

Which team is the best? And how long for you to complete the game?


RPG Fighter League Update after almost 2 years!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a new update from myself and RPG Fighter League. I know this project was on silent mode for way too long. I’m really sorry for all the players and fans who wanted to go fast with this game but right now I finally have found some time in my personnal life to give a great update to the game available right now on steam. With new items, balancing, characters, leagues and others secrets. I really want to finish this game this year. I know what left missing to complete the whole package of that great little RPG. At the end I think people will love this charming experience even if it’s not perfect.

Right now I’m working on the Solid League where the player need to take more magic attack on his team to have a chance to defeat this league full of enemies strong against physical attack. Always with a twist 🙂 After that I need to polish and add some story lines event in between each league to make you more connected with the environment around the Fighter League in the Hall of Champions.

And finally secrets!! A lot of them will be hiding everywhere for you to find out in the game and continue to learn more about your teammates. I hope you will love this update and get a chance to give me some feedback on your whole experience.



RPG Fighter League live!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been quite a time since I gave an update about the game. I’m really sorry to say that I haven’t go enough time to continue doing some a lot of quick updates and new stuffs for the game. But it’s far from over I will continue to my work to achieve something great with RPG Fighter League. You can already play the Early Access version of the game on Steam and have fun for at least 10 to 15 hours of funs in this universe full of fights and laugh 🙂 I really hope I will get the time I want to continue and finish this quest. I have so many ideas about cool stuff to do in the game. Like new leagues using elemental to progress, slot machines to gains magic rewards, a cards mini game and a fishing one. Finally I just want to say thanks to everyone that give me your support with the game and the help to promote RPG Fighter League. I just want to prove that a game made in RPG Maker can be really fun to play. I know some have already achieve this goal, but I want to continue and see where all this can lead. For a great RPG, with fun great characters in a world where a lot of things can happen in the Colosseum. So let’s back to work!


Update 15 december – Battle Speed Up mode!

Hi everyone,

I just added in the latest version of RPG Fighter League a new Speed Up mode in battle where you can press and hold the Action Button (Space bar by default) to make the fight go faster. That really help sometime to just go fast foward in a easy fight and continue your journey in the league.

Or you can simply toggle the Speed Up more with the Shift Key.
Another change I made in the game is that right now, the BP will not be depleted between too fight. You will stay with the same number of BP on your characters so you can use more skills to your advantage in battle.

Other tweaks have been made around the game and I added some new windows skins for your too choose you favorite one.

I hope you have fun playing RPG Fighter League and thanks for all the feedback and any reviews of the game in his current state (Early Access) is welcome.

The next update will be about new league and a new character named Jade that you will be able to recruit in the Hall of Champions.

Have fun!

RPG Fighter League – Live on Steam Early Access !

Great news everyone!

RPG Fighter League is now available for everyone on Steam – Early Access!

The game is not over yet, but you still ahve a great 12-14 hours of gameplay to have fun to discover all the Leagues and secrets of the game. I’m really happy to reach this milestone and see what going with the great community. I want to continue to build up the game tih everyone and make the best RPG Fighter League experience. Right now, you can have fun playing the game and continue the journey with me and see if you got what it takes to be in the Fighter League and win the fight against the Architect and all his incredibles challenges. Have fun and see you soon with new update on the project!


RPG Fighter League is on the way to Early Access on Steam

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I write some news on RPG Fighter League, but don’t panic! The project is plenty alive and going great! I continue my work and I can say that I have more then 13 actives Leagues in the game. (And still other cool to come) I haven’t changed the demo since a lot of time, but everything new will be available in the Early Access version of RPG Fighter League. The game takes about 15 to 20 hours to complete every leagues, find all characters, do all the contracts(quests) and finding all the secret in the game.

Right now, I’m doing a lot of polish to skills, maps, characters, debugging quests and leagues and trying to give the greatest Retro Style RPG to gamers.

Another hot topic lately is how I’m going to do the multi languages for the game?!? Because yes, most of the people play in english but I would really love to do this game RPG Fighter League for japanese, french, russian, chinese and more people around the globe 🙂

RPG Maker MV is a great tool and without the support and help from this big community, this game would never be as awesome has it gets right now! So please let’s wait for the Early Access where with your help, I would continue to build this great game.

RPG Fighter League is back!

Hello everyone,

After some months in a latent state, RPG Fighter League is back with a new update on this gran RPG project. The game is greenlighted on Steam like you know and I’m working really hard on the all new content to be able to put the game on Early Access and work with the gamers to see where we can improve the game. I would love to make this game for different languages : English, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

I don’t see this project has a normal game where I will submit a final build of the game and that I would stop working on it. What I want to create it’s a game where you can have somes new leagues, challenges, characters and more incoming in the following month the game will be released.

Right now, I’m working on some new several leagues : The Frozen League and the Time Limit League. I can’t wait to give you an update on the date where the game will be out for you to try on PC. I will give a free copies to anyone that would give me some feedback (good or bad) on steam. I’m sure this game will take a lot of hours of your time if you want to find all the secrets and content I’m putting in it. For now some screenshots of the new features, I’m working on.

RPG Fighter League is now on Steam Greenlight!

Hi everyone,

Today mark the day where RPG Fighter League enter the Steam Greenlight program! 🙂

Here the link so you can give your support to this awesome project!

I really hope that gamers will loved my game and try the demo. I’m sure that together we can craft a really great RPG. For all the info about the project, I will let you go in the section “Press Kit” where everything is written about RPG Fighter League. I added a new PC and MAC version of the Demo for RPG Fighter League. 

Thank you everyone for your great support, I hope RPG Fighter League will have a great Steam Greenlight campaign.



New demo of RPG Fighter League 24 January 2016

Hi everyone!

Another week of work and polish for me and the new version of RPG Fighter League. I have done a lot in the past few days to improve again the overall feeling of this game. I really love working with RPG Maker MV and the community behind it is really awesome! I think that each version of the Demo is getting better to really catch the feeling I want for the final game.

DEMO RPG FIGHTER LEAGUE – 24 January 2016 content – 

Here a list of all the new things in this new demo build from 24 January 2016: 

  • Tweak balancing on items and skills (too many to list them all)
  • Add 2 Friendships levels and gift for Clive.
  • Tweak XP needed for all levels for friendship.
  • Tweak visual environment in Treasure Island.
  • Grammars correction (but I’m sure I have done new one…)
  • New Ram Titan Monster (Dark) in Master League.
  • Add better reward in the Silver Chest in the Hall (if you can find the combinaison)
  • Bug fixes
  • New Weapons Arts for some sword and other.
  • New Items, Weapons & Armor. (Chest, merchant, treasure)
  • New NPC to be found at the end of the Choice League.
  • Tweak Color Palette and visual in some Leagues.
  • New Pre-emptive + Surprise Attack in the League. (If you touch the enemi on the back to trigger the battle, you have a chance to trigger a Pre-emptive attack on them.)
  • Follower can trigger Event when Touched.
  • Rows system battle (The position of your characters mean something in battle.) Offense First Lane, Neutral Middle Lane and Defense Back Lane.
  • New Logo Test Val Game (see at the end of this post)
  • Tweak the Monsters Book so info is readable.
  • Tweak visual of the Damage Number and MISS in combat.
  • Testing new skills “Last Resort” with your character. (100 TP Skills)
  • Tweak the number of SP for Skills Boosters and the number you gain in battle.
  • Added the Animated League (You need 7 trophies with Wolfy in your team and beat Sylvestre in the Hall of Champions to have access to this really challenging League.)
  • Added the Crafting System (Craft Pot in menu) find more recipes to have the chance to craft more awesomes items, weapons, armor and more!




New Demo Build 15 January RPG Fighter League

Hi Everyone,

I was working hard the last few day to make a lot of bug fixes in the demo of RPG Fighter League. For people who already played the demo, you will see some minors differences, but a lot of things have moved under the hood. (damage tweaks, monsters tweaks, items, reward, xp and others things).  So here the link for the new build demo of RPG Fighter League.

I’m still working hard on new content (leagues, enemies, skills, story and other stuffs) But right now, I focus a lot on polishing the experience I have to be sure that my benchmark for the rest of the game is nailed. Have fun! And I’m always happy to have feedbacks from you.

 RPG Fighter League Demo Build 15 January 2016