RPG Fighter League Update after almost 2 years!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a new update from myself and RPG Fighter League. I know this project was on silent mode for way too long. I’m really sorry for all the players and fans who wanted to go fast with this game but right now I finally have found some time in my personnal life to give a great update to the game available right now on steam. With new items, balancing, characters, leagues and others secrets. I really want to finish this game this year. I know what left missing to complete the whole package of that great little RPG. At the end I think people will love this charming experience even if it’s not perfect.

Right now I’m working on the Solid League where the player need to take more magic attack on his team to have a chance to defeat this league full of enemies strong against physical attack. Always with a twist 🙂 After that I need to polish and add some story lines event in between each league to make you more connected with the environment around the Fighter League in the Hall of Champions.

And finally secrets!! A lot of them will be hiding everywhere for you to find out in the game and continue to learn more about your teammates. I hope you will love this update and get a chance to give me some feedback on your whole experience.



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