Month: October 2016

RPG Fighter League is on the way to Early Access on Steam

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I write some news on RPG Fighter League, but don’t panic! The project is plenty alive and going great! I continue my work and I can say that I have more then 13 actives Leagues in the game. (And still other cool to come) I haven’t changed the demo since a lot of time, but everything new will be available in the Early Access version of RPG Fighter League. The game takes about 15 to 20 hours to complete every leagues, find all characters, do all the contracts(quests) and finding all the secret in the game.

Right now, I’m doing a lot of polish to skills, maps, characters, debugging quests and leagues and trying to give the greatest Retro Style RPG to gamers.

Another hot topic lately is how I’m going to do the multi languages for the game?!? Because yes, most of the people play in english but I would really love to do this game RPG Fighter League for japanese, french, russian, chinese and more people around the globe 🙂

RPG Maker MV is a great tool and without the support and help from this big community, this game would never be as awesome has it gets right now! So please let’s wait for the Early Access where with your help, I would continue to build this great game.