I will cover all the differents features in RPG Fighter League over here.

  • 30 Hours + Game Length (All leagues are replayable for new content and secrets)
  • Fight in Unique Leagues with challenges, boss fight, rounds, surprises, enemies, story and more.
  • Active Battle Time (ATB) Enhanced with strategic lanes for your fighter. (Offense, Neutral and Defense Rows)
  • 1 to 6 party members in your team for intense and strategic fight.
  • More than 15 playable characters all with different abilities, magic, skills and great personality.
  • The choice of your team members will have an impact on the Leagues, games events and how the story unfold.
  • Develop your relation with your comrade in RPG Fighter League with the Friendship system (the more time you passed with your companion, they will give you gifts to learn their own skills
  • ================================================================
  • Challenging Boss Fight (unique strategy)
  • Learn skills and magic to become the ultimate fighter with more than Gaziillions of possibilities!
  • Find NPC and repopulate the Hall of Champions with the NPC you want to sell you good and give you advice and secrets.
  • Upgrade your weapons, armors and accessories with Shattered Stones (stats and new powers)
  • Item Crafting (creates items from scrap and others objects dropped by enemies.)
  • Great special item. (Ressurect ring, coward knife, special arrow, having some new states items)
  • Quest System
  • Unique Treasure Islands for each league with weapons & armors and accessories to equip your team for battles.
  • ===============================================================
  • Great Characters in a light hearted universe where the fighters are the superstar of the Colosseum.
  • Fans system where you gain fans with trophies in league to obtain special Buff for fighting.
  • Great soundtrack with more than 100 differents songs.
  • Tons of secrets and easter eggs to discover with some truly special rewards.
  • Support Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse and TouchScreen.
  • You can save anywhere, no Limit 🙂
  • And much more! (enigma, rewards, minigames, pre-emptive strike, achievements, etc.)
  • New content will be available after release date to extend the game length.
  • I want to make the game in different languages (french, english, spanish etc.)

RPG Maker MV really help me to add a lot of cool and great gameplay in my project and this why I use it with a lot of plugins from Yanfly.

The Leagues 

In the Hall of Champions you can speak with the Old Sage that give you a choice of 8 leagues (more later). Each Leagues is a series of fight againts powerful enemies. Some league need to be done in order to gain access to the other one. Each League wants to be unique in term of Gameplay, enemy behaviour and other great stuff for your adventure. New leagues will be added with time and some secrets are placed so if you redo a league you will always have something great and new to find and achieve.


The Treasure Islands

Each time you succeed to finish a league, your group will be teleport to the Treasure Island where you will receive differents rewards with each league. You can find mini games that give you gold. You can find red chest, blue chest that give you a choice of item and green chest that give you RARE items. But continue to look on the treasure island, because it is said that some big monster live on that place under the sand and that if killed they will give you something quite unexpected.


The Monsters

The Monsters in a RPG Fighter League are the Core of the game. You will encounters hundred of differents enemies types. You will start to learn how to fight and the more you will progress in the leagues, the more new strategies and behaviours you will learn and need to fight with a different approach. From ghost to giant scorpion to alchoolic fighter, you cannot really know what type of monsters you will fight in the Leagues. Just be prepare to fight with the good team againts the good monsters.


The Friendship system

This system reward you to play with the same team and characters. Each time you win a number of fight with a character, your bond with him or her will grow and you will receive some gift from your new friend. Some of theses gifts are really strong because they can give you “instruction” to learn some of there unique skills. So each player can have the chance to learn a healing spell or other massive attacks.


The Reward

The Reward are everywhere in Fighter League. If a player look around him, he will find numerous places to find treasures, chests, gifts and other rewards to improves the stats and skills of his characters is loved. Just open your eyes for great rewards.


The Fans

In Fighter League, each time you win a League, you will gain some Fans for you and your team. When you will reach a certain number of fans(50 for now) you will have access to a special “buff” that is called: Fan Stat Booster! You can go in the Hall of Champion talk with Starz and have your first Fan Stat Booster that you can change at any time to give you an advantage in battle in your next league. The more fans you will get the more options and stats you will have to increase the power of your ultimate team the way you want to play!


The Equipment

Weapons, Armor, Rings, Gears everything that can help your characters and teammates to become stronger. We have a lot of differents types of items in RPG Fighter League. Each color type mean a new set of rarity of items. You can find items everywhere: In a chest, in a secret place, from a seller or fighting againts a monster. This is the beauty of the game, search and find great loot that will help you accomplish the impossible!

The Skills Boosters

The Magic & Skills

The Mini Game Reward (Catch the Golden Bat & mores)

Find NPC to repeople the Hall of Champions

The Active Battle System (ATB) fighting system with Rows

The Quests systems

Items synthesis (crafting)

The Secrets

One of the main thing from Fighter League: It’s the secrets! They are everywhere! So keep your eyes opens and try everything you can, because a lot of great things, treasures, easter eggs, quests, story and other are a bit hide in the shadow for you to explorer in this area full of mystery waiting for you to uncover. Have fun!