RPG Fighter League now fully playable!

Hello everyone,

Big news for the game! It’s now possible to do a complete flow from the beginning of the game to the end with the credits and everything. Yippie!
I’m really happy with this achievement! I have been working on this title since 2015 so to been able to finish this and continue adding more content and polish everything is a great feeling.

  • I added a new Solid League where every physical attack will have a hard time.
  • The Architect League can now be done completly with his own treasures islands.
  • I added 2 full playbables characters for you to recruit (Andrea and Zoey)
  • I added 7 new achievements.
  • I added some news books to find for ultimate crafting experience with weapons and armors.
  • I added the Fan Manager System. The more you gets some Fans for your team, the more you will see them in the Colosseum and at the right moment they can cheer you up and give you some gift to help you team. 
  • A lot of debugs and tweaks around the game to make the experience better.

But I hope that you will love the game and playing in something that become bigger and bigger each time a new version come up.
I can’t wait to have your feedback on the whole experience.
I hope you will find it fun and challenging for you.
This is not a drill! You can see the end of the adventures of Henry and his teammates.

The Game RPG Fighter League have now in content:

  • 14 Leagues for you to fight and conquer. (all uniques with differents level of skills and difficulty)
  • 15 characters for you to recruit to create the best fighter team.
  • 150 weapons and 150 pieces of armors for you to find and equip.
  • 150+ differents enemies for you to fight in more then 200 combinaisons.
  • 250+ Skills to learns and play with to defeat your enemy.
  • And a lot of secrets to uncovers!!

Which team is the best? And how long for you to complete the game?


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