Update 15 december – Battle Speed Up mode!

Hi everyone,

I just added in the latest version of RPG Fighter League a new Speed Up mode in battle where you can press and hold the Action Button (Space bar by default) to make the fight go faster. That really help sometime to just go fast foward in a easy fight and continue your journey in the league.

Or you can simply toggle the Speed Up more with the Shift Key.
Another change I made in the game is that right now, the BP will not be depleted between too fight. You will stay with the same number of BP on your characters so you can use more skills to your advantage in battle.

Other tweaks have been made around the game and I added some new windows skins for your too choose you favorite one.

I hope you have fun playing RPG Fighter League and thanks for all the feedback and any reviews of the game in his current state (Early Access) is welcome.

The next update will be about new league and a new character named Jade that you will be able to recruit in the Hall of Champions.

Have fun!

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