Month: January 2016

New demo of RPG Fighter League 24 January 2016

Hi everyone!

Another week of work and polish for me and the new version of RPG Fighter League. I have done a lot in the past few days to improve again the overall feeling of this game. I really love working with RPG Maker MV and the community behind it is really awesome! I think that each version of the Demo is getting better to really catch the feeling I want for the final game.

DEMO RPG FIGHTER LEAGUE – 24 January 2016 content – 

Here a list of all the new things in this new demo build from 24 January 2016: 

  • Tweak balancing on items and skills (too many to list them all)
  • Add 2 Friendships levels and gift for Clive.
  • Tweak XP needed for all levels for friendship.
  • Tweak visual environment in Treasure Island.
  • Grammars correction (but I’m sure I have done new one…)
  • New Ram Titan Monster (Dark) in Master League.
  • Add better reward in the Silver Chest in the Hall (if you can find the combinaison)
  • Bug fixes
  • New Weapons Arts for some sword and other.
  • New Items, Weapons & Armor. (Chest, merchant, treasure)
  • New NPC to be found at the end of the Choice League.
  • Tweak Color Palette and visual in some Leagues.
  • New Pre-emptive + Surprise Attack in the League. (If you touch the enemi on the back to trigger the battle, you have a chance to trigger a Pre-emptive attack on them.)
  • Follower can trigger Event when Touched.
  • Rows system battle (The position of your characters mean something in battle.) Offense First Lane, Neutral Middle Lane and Defense Back Lane.
  • New Logo Test Val Game (see at the end of this post)
  • Tweak the Monsters Book so info is readable.
  • Tweak visual of the Damage Number and MISS in combat.
  • Testing new skills “Last Resort” with your character. (100 TP Skills)
  • Tweak the number of SP for Skills Boosters and the number you gain in battle.
  • Added the Animated League (You need 7 trophies with Wolfy in your team and beat Sylvestre in the Hall of Champions to have access to this really challenging League.)
  • Added the Crafting System (Craft Pot in menu) find more recipes to have the chance to craft more awesomes items, weapons, armor and more!




New Demo Build 15 January RPG Fighter League

Hi Everyone,

I was working hard the last few day to make a lot of bug fixes in the demo of RPG Fighter League. For people who already played the demo, you will see some minors differences, but a lot of things have moved under the hood. (damage tweaks, monsters tweaks, items, reward, xp and others things).  So here the link for the new build demo of RPG Fighter League.

I’m still working hard on new content (leagues, enemies, skills, story and other stuffs) But right now, I focus a lot on polishing the experience I have to be sure that my benchmark for the rest of the game is nailed. Have fun! And I’m always happy to have feedbacks from you.

 RPG Fighter League Demo Build 15 January 2016 



New Build Demo with more Polish & Tweaks!

Hi everyone,

Today I just submitted a new build for the Demo of RPG Fighter League made in RPG Maker MV. I just try to polish and tweak more and more the demo content to have something I call: A Real Demo! I want to make sure the core experience of the game is great. If you have any commentaries about the demo, let me know.

The Next step is to integrate the next league (Animated) and a small mini game I called Thumbs Wars! You will see in a cople of build what it mean in the Hall of Champions 😉 Have fun playing RPG Fighter League!

Here the link to download the demo from 10 january 2016



New build RPG Fighter League with more polish!

Hello everyone,

Again I’m having a great time working on  RPG Fighter League with the help of RPG Maker MV and the great community of developpers around this amazing tool. So for today new build, I doing a lot of polish around mistakes in texts and others smalls bugs in the game. Here a list of new stuff in the demo:

  • New weapons and armors available at the NPC store.
  • Some tweak with the Ram Titan Monsters (4 totals for now)
  • Added some secrets around the demo. (New NPC)
  • New frienship gifts with Valery and Zack.
  • And more bug fixes and minor errors texts.

Build Demo RPG Fighter League – 6 January 2016

I’m always happy to have your feedback about the game to make it better.

I will try to post the demo online so people could try the demo online with the help of HTML5. I just need to find a good free web hosting for the data and try it. See you next time!


Another day, Another Build Demo of RFL

Hi everyone,

Again today I updated the Build Demo of RPG Fighter League with some bug fixes (a lot in Advanced League and Switch League) the reward and the league should reset well this time. If you find any other bugs or issues please let me know so I can make the greatest RPG made in RPG Maker MV.

Next step for me will be the new Pre-Emptive feature and Surprise Attack from enemy. There is so much thing I want to do with this game, but I will start to debug what we have right now and polish it so it become a great experience for anybody who start playing RFL. Have fun!

Build Version 4 January 2016 RPG Fighter League (350 MB)


First Trailer of RPG Fighter League

Hi everyone,

I have done my first video trailer for RPG Fighter League. 🙂  The game is made entirely in RPG Maker MV. Let me know how do you find the trailer and if you test my demo, please let me know your commentaries about it. With your help I can make a greater game for more fans of RPG and Video Game.

Have fun! Oh and I updated the build with more bug fixes and others issues so just pick it up here :

Build 3 January 2016 RPG Fighter League