Updated content and new build RFL

Hi everyone,

I hope you have fun with the Demo of RPG Fighter League. I just make another build with some new great content. (I corrected some bugs too)

Here the list of the new stuff : 

  • 2 new leagues (Choice League and Architect League)
  • 1 new character you can find and play with.
  • 1 new npc that sell great magic item can be found.
  • 1 new ultimate fight in the Hall of Champion againt Syl…
  • Tweak & balancing some of the enemies to use more strategy.
  • And more secrets all over the place ++

Here the link for the new build : 

Build December 20 – 2015

For gamers that played and older version, I think that people can just copy and paste the save folder in this new build and normally it’s should play good. Have fun and let me know how you find my game?


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