New Build Demo with more Polish & Tweaks!

Hi everyone,

Today I just submitted a new build for the Demo of RPG Fighter League made in RPG Maker MV. I just try to polish and tweak more and more the demo content to have something I call: A Real Demo! I want to make sure the core experience of the game is great. If you have any commentaries about the demo, let me know.

The Next step is to integrate the next league (Animated) and a small mini game I called Thumbs Wars! You will see in a cople of build what it mean in the Hall of Champions 😉 Have fun playing RPG Fighter League!

Here the link to download the demo from 10 january 2016



New build RPG Fighter League with more polish!

Hello everyone,

Again I’m having a great time working on  RPG Fighter League with the help of RPG Maker MV and the great community of developpers around this amazing tool. So for today new build, I doing a lot of polish around mistakes in texts and others smalls bugs in the game. Here a list of new stuff in the demo:

  • New weapons and armors available at the NPC store.
  • Some tweak with the Ram Titan Monsters (4 totals for now)
  • Added some secrets around the demo. (New NPC)
  • New frienship gifts with Valery and Zack.
  • And more bug fixes and minor errors texts.

Build Demo RPG Fighter League – 6 January 2016

I’m always happy to have your feedback about the game to make it better.

I will try to post the demo online so people could try the demo online with the help of HTML5. I just need to find a good free web hosting for the data and try it. See you next time!


Another day, Another Build Demo of RFL

Hi everyone,

Again today I updated the Build Demo of RPG Fighter League with some bug fixes (a lot in Advanced League and Switch League) the reward and the league should reset well this time. If you find any other bugs or issues please let me know so I can make the greatest RPG made in RPG Maker MV.

Next step for me will be the new Pre-Emptive feature and Surprise Attack from enemy. There is so much thing I want to do with this game, but I will start to debug what we have right now and polish it so it become a great experience for anybody who start playing RFL. Have fun!

Build Version 4 January 2016 RPG Fighter League (350 MB)


First Trailer of RPG Fighter League

Hi everyone,

I have done my first video trailer for RPG Fighter League. 🙂  The game is made entirely in RPG Maker MV. Let me know how do you find the trailer and if you test my demo, please let me know your commentaries about it. With your help I can make a greater game for more fans of RPG and Video Game.

Have fun! Oh and I updated the build with more bug fixes and others issues so just pick it up here :

Build 3 January 2016 RPG Fighter League

New Updated Build 31 Dec Last of 2015

Hi everyone,

What a good way to finish this brillant year with a new updated build with more polish, content, bug fixes and others surprises for you. I’m working right now on new Leagues, Skills and Ram Titan Monsters. You have an exemple here (found in the Gentleman league):

New Build 31 dec 2015 


Happy New Years and I wish you everything you want in your life and around you with a lot of fun and surprises coming from RPG Maker MV and the sensational RPG Fighter League! 

New Build 28 dec RPG Fighter League

Hi everyone,

I think I finally find how to fix the bug with the already open chest in the treasures islands. I added another safety to make sure the chest is well set when you enter in treasure island. Or things, I add some secret chest in some leagues so if you walk over the terrain, you might see a question mark over your head. Press the input and if your are strong enough try theses challenges and win great price 🙂

Have fun! with the new build and tell me if you find any other bugs.

New Build 28 December RPG Fighter League



New Demo Build 26 December

Hi everyone,

It’s time for the release of a new build demo of RPG Fighter League.

I have corrected somes bugs and put some polish on all the content in the game. From the last version, I add a new league (called Choice League) and add a new character (Valery) and some news secrets for the one of already know a bit the game. But the big new feature ? It’s call the Fan Stats Boosters! Because yes, every time you win a league, you will gain some fans! But if you lose in the league, some fans will drop from your club.

With the fans you gain from league, you will be able to have access to a range of differents Fan Stats Boosters that will help all the member of your team in all the leagues. The FSB (Fan Stat Booster) can be change anytime in the Hall of Champion by the character Starz. Just go see him! It’s just the beginning of that feature, but I will had more choices later and the more fans you will get, the more impressive the FSB will be for your team!

Have fun playing this updated version:

Demo Build December 26 – 2015


New Screenshots of RPG Fighter League

Hi everyone,

Just want to make a small post to say I updated the Screenshots pages with new cool images of leagues, fight and other moments of RPG Fighter League.

Screenshots RPG Fighter League

and another quick note that I found well interesting if you are developping RPG Maker MV project with Yanfly Plugins. Here a place where you can find all the info about the differents Notetag use by all his plugins. This is marvelous 😀

Notetags Yanfly Plugins Help File


Test Title Image ? You like it?

Hi everyone,

I’m having fun right now with the title image of the game. Do you like this version? I will update the game probably today or tomorrow with again smoe bug fixes, new content (npc, monsters and others tweaks.) I will keep you updated when it’s done. I have some many thing I want to do with this game. But for the gamer it’s a perfect timing to start playing right now and continue the quest with me!

Build December 20 – 2015

For gamers that played and older version, I think that people can just copy and paste the save folder in this new build and normally it’s should play good. Have fun and let me know how you find my game?


Test with the title screen! you like it or not?


Updated content and new build RFL

Hi everyone,

I hope you have fun with the Demo of RPG Fighter League. I just make another build with some new great content. (I corrected some bugs too)

Here the list of the new stuff : 

  • 2 new leagues (Choice League and Architect League)
  • 1 new character you can find and play with.
  • 1 new npc that sell great magic item can be found.
  • 1 new ultimate fight in the Hall of Champion againt Syl…
  • Tweak & balancing some of the enemies to use more strategy.
  • And more secrets all over the place ++

Here the link for the new build : 

Build December 20 – 2015

For gamers that played and older version, I think that people can just copy and paste the save folder in this new build and normally it’s should play good. Have fun and let me know how you find my game?