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Update Build RFL


I have updated the build of RPG Fighter League, I corrected some bug with chest and reward and add a bit of content when you finish the demo. I hope you’re going to like it. Fresh from RPG Maker MV. I will try to update more with new league and stuff in the next day so keep coming back and have fun!

Current Build : DEMO – RPG Fighter League


and here the link for the thread on my project:

Demo Proto in Preparation !

Hi all,

Just a quick update to inform you all that I’m packaging the file to make the first demo / proto of my small project Rpg Fighter League. I hoe it will be out soon and that I will improve my game with your help. But at first I hope you will like to fight in this world and learn and progress with all the characters you will encounters in this project. This project start small, but he might become something really greater later ! Who know?

Let continue the work!


Screenshot of the Old Sage who give you the choice of your league!

Add a quest system? Yes please!

Hi Everyone,

My work on RPG Fighter League continue! I’m working on the 6th and last League for the Demo of my project. This one going to be really hard and the player will need to use all his skills to finish it! I’m still looking to implement a Quest System in the Game where you have certain mission to achieve and receive some Glorious Reward that will help you in your main quest of beating all the Leagues and finding all the Secret of the Colosseum.

With a lot of hardwork and time, I think I should be able to post the demo around the 20 december! Yay!! but if I want to make it, I need to continue so it’s time to return to the job ^^ !!


RPG Fighter League Logo Draft

Hi everyone,

I having some fun in photoshop to create the first draft logo for my project. Because everything is around combat and the Royal Fighter League, I have inspire myself with logo such as MLB & NBA to create my own logo. How do you find it? I will probably refine it in the next week with the typo and everything but for now I’m happy with this first iteration.


RPG Fighter League First Logo

RPG Fighter League Demo Content


The Demo (or I call it the Proto Version) is almost finished and just want to write down everything in it for the content of this demo that you will soon be able to play! I can’t wait to hear your comments about it (good or bad) the only thing need to be constructive to make a greater RPG!

  • You can unlock 6 characters to play with.
  • You can fight in 6 differents leagues.
  • You have 60 skills to use in combat (learn in level up and others)
  • You have more then 100 differents rewards to find.
  • You have more then 10 secrets to uncover. (items, npc, others)
  • You will encounters more then 40 differents enemies.
  • You have 5 NPC to find and saves.
  • And some test I try to make small mini game for fun ^^.

I don’t know how much time of gameplay you can have with this demo?

Normally, it will be “No End” because you can do all the league again and again and again to capture all reward and secrets. My objective is to release my demo before Christmas!

See you soon!



Fighter League Inspiration


I think that a lot of people like RPG and RPG elements on there game right now. You can’t find a game without XP, level or other game mecanics that made our first apperance in a great RPG Game. I just want to take a moment to everyone to remember these great game from the Gold Era of RPG (in my opinion) and that I want to make you live again in my own project of RPG Fighter League.

Here some of the best RPG from the Super Nes Era :

Final Fantasy III (6 Jap)




Secret of Mana


Secret of Mana 3 


Lufia 2 


Chrono Trigger


Ogre Battle 


With all that great inspiration from these games and all others incredibles game and RPG we have seen in the last 20 years, I think I have some good inspiration and ideas to start my own rpg maker mv project. Let continue the work!


Final Fantasy VII Remake First Trailer + Nino Kuni II First Trailer !!

WOW ! At the playstation experience I had 2 wonderful surprises!!

The First trailer of the Remake we all wait for (even if he won’t come out before 2032..) I not sure at the visual either and the real time combat and the strange look of Barret…Sunglass at night. But still a impressive trailer that look like a demo to serve to sell the remake !

And the real surprise for me ! The trailer for Nino Kuni 2 !! Incredible I just loveeeddddddd the first so much. I cant wait to play this masterpiece. I really love the work of Level 5 studio. They catch everything that make a great rpg game for me.