Story – In a world where everything is settled in a good fight. Every warrior wants to have a chance to enter the Fighter League. You follow Henry Forge, member of the great family Forge who is descendant from the legendary fighter who fought in the Leagues. He decide that this is the time to finish what his family have started decade ago and win all the leagues to have the chance to meet the Architect, creator of the Colosseum.

Everyone fight for his reason,  but most of them are in the Fighter League to obtains Gold, Legendary weapons, Fans and Fame! Some have other reasons to fight: To avenge a friend, to find a mystic object, for love or just for the fun of the furious battle! The Architect is the mastermind behind the Fighter League and the Colosseum. He have both the intellect and the power to build all these different Leagues and the Hall of Champions where the fighters who have succeeded the test of entry meet and prepare themselves for the challenge of their life.

Fight, train and meet comrades on your way to the top leagues. An adventure where choosing and developing the right members of your team really matter to be victorious in battle!

Learn about the creation of the Fighter League and the Colosseum. Unfold the story about Henry and the member of the Forge family with encounter of great characters in a world where everything can be solved by fighting to death!



Form the best team of warriors and enter in the Fighter League to battle against the greatest monsters and fighters to become the new champion of the Coliseum!  Fight and win all the Leagues to acquire Trophies to earn your place in the Playoffs.  Each League made by the Architect features  new challenges with new enemies, game mechanics, boss fight, rewards, secrets and characters to uncover.

Use strategies, great skills and magic to defeat your opponents in this homage to all classic RPG gameplay mechanics with new features from today. Only the strongest and wisest fighters can defeat all the Leagues.

Even if you win a League, return in it to master them and find new gameplay elements, encounters special rare enemies with great lots, find npc & merchants, new fans, hidden treasures and more to uncover all the secrets behind each Leagues.

A pleasure to play for fans of old school RPG with a fresh new twist!


This is the dev blog about my own crazy little RPG Maker MV project :

Rpg Fighter League (dev name) ! I always wanted to make a rpg game in my free time and now it’s time to use my creativity to start this wonderful adventure about my love for RPG and everything around them.

The difference with this project and other RPG is that I will put a lot of effort around all the combat mechanic and great enemies encounters and boss fight. It’s not a game about THE STORY (even if I have a small one and that the characters will be really cool & lovely).

I hope you will like my game and that together we can make a really great project for all the Classic RPG Lover like me !!^_^!!

RPG Fighter League aim to be out in 2016 with a release build for PC and if I have some time to learn and understand iOS and Android Platform!

Current Build in Progress: Demo Proto Available (Give us Commentaries)




 Credits & Special Thanks


  1. Hey i would like to make a let’s play of this on my channel. I would buy the game but i can’t use paypal without a credit/ debit card which means i can’t buy it. So i was wondering if i could get a game key and i will make a let’s play.


    1. Hi Firelawa, just give me your email adress and it will be a pleasure to give you a steam key so you can make a video about the game. I hope you will like it and that with the feeback I will collect I will been able to push the quality of the game 🙂 Thanks for your support.


  2. What I have played of this game so far, is absolutely amazing. I love this game so much. You can definitely tell that a lot of time and effort has been put into it. Very, very well done. I cannot wait for the full release. I really wish I could figure out Bartholomee treasure chest code haha!


    1. Thanks for the very kind words John. I still continue to work on the game to make sure I will be fun for a lot of rpg and retro gamers. I know I’m not very fast on the development of the game. But I dont forget about you and I will do the best to finish all this and even after that continue to update the game with bugs fixes and more content for you to play and enjoy. Goodluck with the code and all the others secrets you can already found in the game 🙂


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