New Demo Build 26 December

Hi everyone,

It’s time for the release of a new build demo of RPG Fighter League.

I have corrected somes bugs and put some polish on all the content in the game. From the last version, I add a new league (called Choice League) and add a new character (Valery) and some news secrets for the one of already know a bit the game. But the big new feature ? It’s call the Fan Stats Boosters! Because yes, every time you win a league, you will gain some fans! But if you lose in the league, some fans will drop from your club.

With the fans you gain from league, you will be able to have access to a range of differents Fan Stats Boosters that will help all the member of your team in all the leagues. The FSB (Fan Stat Booster) can be change anytime in the Hall of Champion by the character Starz. Just go see him! It’s just the beginning of that feature, but I will had more choices later and the more fans you will get, the more impressive the FSB will be for your team!

Have fun playing this updated version:

Demo Build December 26 – 2015


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