RPG Fighter League Demo Content


The Demo (or I call it the Proto Version) is almost finished and just want to write down everything in it for the content of this demo that you will soon be able to play! I can’t wait to hear your comments about it (good or bad) the only thing need to be constructive to make a greater RPG!

  • You can unlock 6 characters to play with.
  • You can fight in 6 differents leagues.
  • You have 60 skills to use in combat (learn in level up and others)
  • You have more then 100 differents rewards to find.
  • You have more then 10 secrets to uncover. (items, npc, others)
  • You will encounters more then 40 differents enemies.
  • You have 5 NPC to find and saves.
  • And some test I try to make small mini game for fun ^^.

I don’t know how much time of gameplay you can have with this demo?

Normally, it will be “No End” because you can do all the league again and again and again to capture all reward and secrets. My objective is to release my demo before Christmas!

See you soon!



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