Fighter League Inspiration


I think that a lot of people like RPG and RPG elements on there game right now. You can’t find a game without XP, level or other game mecanics that made our first apperance in a great RPG Game. I just want to take a moment to everyone to remember these great game from the Gold Era of RPG (in my opinion) and that I want to make you live again in my own project of RPG Fighter League.

Here some of the best RPG from the Super Nes Era :

Final Fantasy III (6 Jap)




Secret of Mana


Secret of Mana 3 


Lufia 2 


Chrono Trigger


Ogre Battle 


With all that great inspiration from these games and all others incredibles game and RPG we have seen in the last 20 years, I think I have some good inspiration and ideas to start my own rpg maker mv project. Let continue the work!


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