RPG Fighter League Pillars

Hum, I thinked about this for a long time…

What would be the pillars of my RPG project? What will make it unique and fun in his own way?

At first, I know, I just want to make a fun little RPG project but now the more I think about it, the more it’s become clear for me.

RPG Fighter League is :

  • A RPG about Fighting and all the game mecanics around it.
  • A game where the Team you Build is very important to succeed the differents challenges of the Architect.
  • A game where nothing is taken seriously! I want something light with humour and funny moment.
  • A game where the player have different choice that will matter. Ex: Choose you character that will follow you through the game.
  • And a game with a LOT of Secrets and Easter Egg. I always love them in RPG game. and Fighter League will be the RPG with the most easteregg and secrets to find in any rooms! Can you find them all?

And that pretty about it for now… I need to continue working on my project. I will try to post the most info about it. Like the skills, what you will encounters, the world about the game, the characters, screenshots, secrets techniques and all the tools I use to make this game happen. Thx all!


First Screenshot Ever of RPG Fighter League – Hello Henry!

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